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27 July: 4 Reasons, why Guru Purnima lunar eclipse is so important.

Deepak kumar Published:July 26, 2018
image of Guru Purnima lunar eclipse

July 27th, 2018 Lunar eclipse is the longest lunar eclipse of the 21 century. The time of this eclipse is about 4 hours. Know that 4 reasons which makes the Guru purnima lunar eclipse very special.

The festival of **Guru Purnima** will be celebrated on July 27, 2018. On the Same night [Lunar Eclipse][1] will be visible all over India from 11:54 PM to 3:49 AM. The eclipse will be visible from countries in Africa, Central Asia, South America, Europe and Australia. I will tell you 4 reasons that is making it special. ## Longest Lunar Eclipse of this century ## > According to astronomers, this lunar eclipse, which will lasted about > four hours, will be the **longest lunar eclipse of the century**. > According to the Indian time, the eclipse will begin on July 27, at > night, at 11:54 minutes, 02 seconds, while the full moon night will be > at 01:05 AM. It will be visible for 235 minutes ## After 150 years this type of Lunar eclipse ## The second lunar eclipse of this year is going to be on July 27, 2018. This is the second lunar eclipse of the year. Astronomers say that such a lunar eclipse is going to take place after 150 years. ## Lunar Eclipse on July 27: Second blood moon of 2018 ## A “blood moon” is a name given to the moon during a lunar eclipse. The Moon receives its ‘blood red’ color from a scientific phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering [Rayleigh scattering][3]. ![red moon in cloud][2] The Earth’s atmosphere can scatter sunlight, and since moonlight is just scattered sunlight, it can scatter that too. Red light can pass through the atmosphere and not get scattered much, while light at the blue end of the spectrum is more easily scattered. When you see a red moon, you’re seeing the red light that wasn’t scattered, but the blue and green light have been scattered away. That’s why the [Moon looks red][4] It will be complete lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is also very special because in the same year it will be the second blood moon lunar eclipse. ## Astrologers are assuming influential and rare ## Mars will be very close to Earth during the lunar eclipse due to this reason astrologers are assuming very strong and influential. Lunar eclipses are less common than solar eclipses, with a maximum of three occurring in any given location per year, though some years there can be none. > Donation also has special significance after eclipse. It has been said > in the scriptures that it gives many times virtue in comparison to > donations made in normal days. Therefore it is auspicious to donate > charity even after eclipse. ## Some special fact about moon ## ![lunar eclipse][5] - The Moon (or Luna) is the Earth’s only natural satellite and was formed 4.6 billion years ago around some 30–50 million years after the formation of the solar system. - The Moon is the fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System. - The Moon is moving approximately 3.8 cm away from our planet every year. - The average distance from the Moon to the Earth is **384403 kilometres** (238857 miles). - The Moon rotates on its axis in around the same length of time it takes to orbit the Earth. This means that from Earth we only ever see around 60% of its surface (50% at any one time). - The Moon is very hot during the day but very cold at night. The average surface temperature of the Moon is **107 degrees Celsius** during the day and **-153 degrees Celsius** at night. - The rise and fall of the tides on Earth is caused by the Moon. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]:

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