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when i found myself in custody & facing incarceration,
i BLATANTLY LIED AND MADE EXCUSES for each allegation:
i blamed the judge; all he did was judge the proceedings,
i blamed the D.A. for falsifying evidence & being misleading.
i blamed my attorney for ineffective assistance & selling me out,
i blamed the jury for finding me guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
i blamed the police for being corrupt & out to put me in jail,
i blamed the system for being set up & designed for me to fail.
i blamed the witnesses for showing up & testifying in court,
i blamed my parents & said they never gave me moral support.
i blamed it on the rain, isn't that what people say?
i blamed it on the rain because the sun didn't come out that day.
i blamed it on the drugs — with that excuse i can't go wrong,
i blamed it on that TV show, that movie, that lyric, that song.
i blamed it on everything weird, strange or odd,
i blamed the pastor, the preacher & i even questioned my God.
i blamed my community for all the terrible choices i made,
i blamed public school & the teachers for my failing grade.
i blamed the crowd i hung with for negatively influencing me,
i blamed my childhood & youth for my delinquency & truancy.
i blamed the victim for being at the wrong place at the wrong time,
i blamed every thing & every body except the one who did the crime.

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Charles Mooney is a poet incarcerated in California.