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Red and blue lights atop a police car
Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash


outside it gets dangerous
in the belly of the beast
such a beast of a system
it’s Goliath I must beat
as I enter through these gates
from our cages we are released
upon each other for recreation
consisting of many different things
some may just indulge in dominos or cards
maybe even chess is what they play
then there are those with healthy goals
working out and lifting weights
if fate hadn't landed some in here
they might have made it to the n.b.a.
or other leagues this can be seen
watching the many sports they play
at times things may get violent
gangs beef and retaliate
intimidate initiations
problems begin in all kinds of ways
some settle theirs with their hands
while others use ice picks and razor blades
I try to avoid these constant conflicts
done witnessed some lead to an early grave
me and my comrades evolve
as we revolve like we're taking a look around
when we cipher in the yard …

Bang Bang on Police Violence

bang bang hit the nail on the head
set sailing this captain that capped him
liquid fled from the hole in one
and flowed on the concrete
as the theme song playing in his chest
fades to a non-beat
eyes that wouldn't see
years more than 15
puberty was right around the corner
if he could have reached the end of the block
the ground blocked his descent to hell
so to heaven he went
following the light of a patrol car
this bloody nightmare that keeps haunting
that we will never wake from
still police escape from prosecution
under the false pretenses of duty
to the community that's so in fear
that they flee from them only hoping to see
another day bang bang is the sound
when another promising life is taken away …

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Ron O'Neal is the self-published author of "Prisoners Of Poetry." O’Neal, who writes under a pseudonym, is incarcerated in New York.