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Dark markings on a granite wall
Photo by Jay Heike on Unsplash

mounded inside a stone-earth,
tears falling, each night i am boxed
inside a cage without freedom,
a grieving ocean flows along the painful
grounds of the eight years i have suffered,
my eyes close in around the four horrific
walls that crush me with their
claustrophobic existence,
this is when i find myself struggling in vain
but as a devoted writer, i get a great sense
of purpose, my being! though i’m enclosed
in stone’s perplexed space, when my pen
touches paper, it brings a high sense of
spirituality within me; i no longer feel pain,
my heart flutters free.
being a writer is my truth of existing,
a poetic state — a mind of tranquility.

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Raymond White is a poet incarcerated in California.