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A dim light illuminates the floor of an empty room
Photo by Anja Bauermann on Unsplash

Prison nights are silent and full of emptiness.
Some nights I stay up late to read
while cries of those condemned can be overheard,
inaudible whispers echoing off the walls.

Sadness envelops me
like a state blanket covered in lint, or shade, or rain.
Yeah, rain — that’s more like it,
because it feels as if I’m soaked in an abyss of steel,
wondering if my voice will echo.

I can’t hear myself,
but I continue to listen,
Nothing yet.

I turn a page, but the book feels heavy;
the words are moving.
My eyes attempt, unsuccessfully, to hold them still.
Objects lacking in form.

A toilet flushes, dragging my dreams away,
washing out to a faraway place.
Somewhere I’ve never been and will never see.
Somewhere, perhaps, filled with hope.
Unlike this hollow cell.

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Lamarr Little is a writer, artist, designer, leather craftsman, poet and sculptor, and is working toward a bachelor’s degree in social studies. He is incarcerated in New York.