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A chain link fence and barbed wire against a cloudy sky
Photo by Mikdam on Depositphotos

Today I seen
something I can't talk about.

Captive in a world where violence
demands silence,

and the passive participation in the damnation
of your humanity.

Peculiar to feel the shift
as you gradually petrify.

Today I seen
something that involved blood

and dust,
accompanied by chain-link rust.

pooling life,

and strife.
Today I seen

something that'd make a mother cry,
make a sister wonder why.

Something that makes me wonder too,
about life, death and experience.

About what it would be like to murder too.
Today I seen

something that visits in my sleep,
tugs at my conscience,

leveraging the weight of the secrets I keep.
Sometimes my soul weeps

and I smother it with rage.
Today they seen

me continue the cycle.
After you learn the rules,

it's only a matter of time
until you play.

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Rahja Rose is a poet incarcerated in Arizona. They are using a pseudonym.