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Drawing of tears streaming down a cheek
Illustration by Muamu on Depositphotos

Silent screams
carve pain into the walls.
Trapped in a village of steel,
a collection of isolations.
Alone together,
each engaged in a fight,
fighting for his humanity.
Searching his soul,
desperately clinging to his sanity,
trying to make sense
of being treated like an animal
to show him how to behave like a man.
Aware of the ramifications of this situation,
to lose this fight would condemn me,
would confine me to a lowly existence
filled with resistance
and coated in rage.
Life in a cage
feels like a canyon being sliced into shape
by a stream,
the consistent erosion of your dreams,
of what it means
to be a human being.
They say time heals,
but on day 624 I promise
time kills.
Time strangles
the little that's left for phone calls with family.
When seconds
become razor blades
and minutes
hand grenades,
and there is nothing left.
Your consciousness is stretched
to the point of no return,
to be frozen in a block of ice,
but simultaneously you burn
as you hope to earn
You feel the pop,
the breeze as you drop.
is to be stumbled upon
when you wish to be whole,
but the world is determined
to break you.

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Rahja Rose is a poet incarcerated in Arizona. They are using a pseudonym.