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Silhouette of man standing tall in front of a mountain range
Photo by Daniel Born on Unsplash

You have that dream where you can almost see it

A voice inside your head says you'll never reach it

It feels like you're lost with every move you're making

So you second-guess every step you're taking

If you go through hindrance and feel your faith is shaking

Invigorate yourself, carry on, and say, “No, I am not breaking!”

Life unfailingly brings uphill battles, and occasionally you'll lose

There’ll be another mountain, and you'll want to make it move

Misfortunes leave you in pain with a temporary bruise

Stand tall in adversity — that's something you have to choose

Hold your head high no matter what life brings your way

Keep pushing on despite the struggles you face every day

Your experiences are moments you will always recapture most

You may not know these moments will someday define your growth

It’s not about what's on the other side nor how fast you get there

It's about The Climb, so keep moving forward without any fear

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Shawn Robert Johnson is a writer incarcerated in New Jersey.