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Illustration by Jillian Wesner. Source: Unsplash

It’s like one big maze.
I hate this place at times; it
has me in a daze,
Leaving me frustrated, agitated
and as well as aggravated.
Wish I could spark a blunt
and get too turnt.
But my reality returns; for the
moment, in here I’m stuck.
Tired of reading stuff, you
can only do that so much
before it gets old and your
heart feels cold.
Cuz it no longer desires or
inquires of something new.
But facts are I’m locked in a cell
waiting to bail
cuz these hours, days and
years have felt like hell.
And just another blow to
my dome
is that I no longer receive mail. Making
me feel like I’ve been forgotten
and downright trodden.

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LaTanya "Lott" Howard is a writer incarcerated in Illinois.