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A new prison tablet cost the author two months' salary.
Illustration by Brian Hindson

I just received my Keefe Group SCORE 7 tablet. It cost me $118.30, but it’s a video player, MP3 player, radio and game device now and holds the promise of more in the future. My Timex watch cost almost $40, and my MP3 player was $88, so the tablet offers more functionality for less money.

I still prefer my watch and my MP3 player because I can run with them; but I’m paid better than most, so I was able to afford the tablet. The price equates to almost two pairs of shoes. It’s about two months’ worth of my current pay.

A person can rent a movie (up to PG-13 only) from the prison bureau’s library that is updated monthly. A movie rental costs just under $5 for 48 hours, which allows us to watch it five times at the most. The games, which we purchase, cost from $1.20 to $3.55. There are also free games that are available.

Until this morning, I had never used anything with a finger-swipe function. I’ve been gone since 2008. I was afraid to hold it in my hands. Two months of my wages.

I looked at the movies and there were plenty I would be interested in renting. We are limited to only one rental at a time. I can see myself getting one, maybe as a treat to myself. I check out the simple games. I can do those. Will the novelty wear off?

Is this the great pacifier? Will guys buy them and zone out on their bunks more?

Someone said e-books will be an option at some point. I’ve never read one, but I can see the benefit of the immediate access.

That price tag: $118.30. Previously, the purchase of any other item that costs more than $99.99 required the warden’s permission. I suppose they’ve changed the policy or added an addendum.

Everyone I’ve asked who has one has nothing negative to say about them. The one I have is apparently a newer version.

I like that. Two months’ salary. We’ll see …

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Brian Hindson is an artist whose favorite styles of work are impressionism and pop art. His work is published on the Justice Arts Coalition. Hindson is incarcerated in Texas.