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A white moth sitting on a blade of grass
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I had seen a white moth in my window dancing like a ballerina
It has no home or number yet the world is its only arena
I had watched until it took to the air, finding its freedom
As the wind lifted it into the air, its imagination lead him

As I lay on my bed I permit my imagination to direct my dreams
Through them I’m always escaping hell on white angel wings
I am always laughing in the dark and playing in daylight
Because like a moth I can spread my wings and permit my dreams to take flight

I’m walking along a sandy beach with my lover beside me
She’s a woman with a great personality a natural tanned body
Soon she will be walking down an isle in a white dress
And she will open her arms taking me into her caress

Prison lights may blur Heaven's natural light
But they can’t keep our dreams from taking flight
Because it's within our hearts where secrets are kept
And I guarantee you God doesn’t miss a step
So dream on …

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James Pierce is a writer incarcerated in Colorado.