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A single bird flies over the ocean shore at sunset.
Photo by Gerhard Kupfer on Unsplash

I looked around the room and asked
Who would die today
Soon I realized
That it’ll be me who flies away
Six months to live the doctor said
That’s all it will take to reach your grave
Not a word expressed to this life I crave
Six months they said
Six people carried me to the bed
Six feet deep they buried me dead
I didn’t tell a soul for I didn't want to mourn
But to take my last breaths
Living life to the fullest
Like the day I was born
All the purpose that was embodied
Will soon leave out of this body
Along with my childhood scenes
And these life valued dreams
Relentless with these small steps
I gasp for my last breaths
A soulless entity looking up to eternity
Ascending upon my destiny
I look down on my family
Crying saying how much they love me
Don’t worry
I am where I need to be
Forever our hearts will be
Forever in serenity

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John Salazar is a writer with an associate degree in psychology. He loves writing and is intrigued by the impact a few words can make. He is incarcerated in California.