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A rusted Old Milwaukee pull tab beer can appears at the edge of a lake.
Photo by Justin Wilkens on Unsplash

We’ve been singing forever,
but still there are songs;
it seems like the music
just plays on and on …

Fire is hot
and water still wet;
the winds are still blowing,
it’s not time to stop yet …

The sky is still blue,
and the grass has its days,
plus, the ugly and evil
still continue their ways …

… But the waters are filthy,
and now, so are the songs,
and the fires of hatred
still rage and rage on…

Yes evil still pecks
at the souls of mankind,
and it seems like good ole goodness
is getting harder to find …

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A.P. Thurston ia an African-Muslim American writer and poet from Vallejo, California. He has written eight books about prison life as well as about his spiritual life. He is incarcerated in California.