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Illustration by Harold Wesley

The answer to being truly free is when you use the key to unlock the padlocks in your brain, to bring full enlightenment.

I call this piece “Searching for the Key.” This is how I feel sometimes, how people in my situation feel. We wait and we pray. We pray and we wait for that moment when the waiting is over.

I cannot wait. I must fight and continue to be used by God who sustains me and holds me to a higher standard. My hope is to never give up. I will keep pushing and trusting in something greater than myself. 

Even in the darkest of moments, I will shine and shine bright like this key. So don’t cry when you see me in this thing called prison. Smile that I made it out to enjoy my freedom.

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Harold Wesley is a writer and poet who wants to share his voice with the world. He is incarcerated in California.