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To the brave people of Ukraine:

I created these two butterflies especially for you.

The butterfly starts out and emerges from the darkness of the cocoon. Once out, he sees freedom and begins a new life.

The people of Ukraine are in the darkness of a violent attack by a brutal dictator, so many lives senselessly destroyed. Their land and homes stripped of their beauty, countless children murdered. Their laughter no longer heard. Instead, cries of fear. No more smiles, only gloom.

But soon the people of Ukraine will emerge from the darkness of the war cocoon, and like the butterfly, they will soon be free to spread their wings and begin a new life.

The world loves you. I love you. Be kind to one another.

You are the brave people of the world. You make me proud. Your spirits and souls will be with me until death and still beyond. March on, march on, open your wings and fly free like the brave people that you are.

Thank you for listening to my words and seeing my butterflies.

Your friend forever,
John W. Zenc

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John W. Zenc is a writer, artist, activist and an advocate for better prison conditions. He hopes that people will understand what prison is like through his work. John has been incarcerated in California for more than four decades since he was 20 years old. His work can be found at