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A heart is drawn with white chalk on a piece of wood
Photo by Jamez Picard on Unsplash

Prison isn’t the trap, it’s all in the mind,
Try looking outside the box, and see what you will find,
The problem inside this life is not what you don’t have,
It’s what your heart can give, what you can split in half,
What you feel for your brother, how you feel for another,
Advice you give to your sister, love you give to a lover,
Whether or not you notice, love is the most important,
In the face of pure poverty, you can have so much fortune,
Hopeful for more tomorrows, blow kisses to yesterday
Treasure in what’s today, only in God I pray,
Truly we shall be one, together make an impact,
The things I’ve said prior to this, are merely my own facts.

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Antwain Love is a writer incarcerated in California.