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Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

Poetry makes me higher than the sky
with my pen in hand as I write, it makes me want to cry
Poetry moves me in ways that are so real
The way poetry feeds my soul, like a full course meal
My mind is on you poetry, all day long
When I think about love, you are my song
Poetry, I am in love with you
You are my better half that’s true
It takes two to make a pair
In our case, it is three that I care
A pen, paper and me
The poetry I love you see
Yes, Boo, you are part of my soul
When I create you, you are in control
Poetry, I am in love head over heels
Every line that is wrote is what love seals
Poetry, you are more than words written on a sheet
You are expressions revealing my heartbeat
I love you poetry so deep and complete
My love for you is more solid than the best concrete
I am thankful for the time and process
Out of all the writings, I love you best
Poetry, looking at you face to face
I love you and no one will ever take your place

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Michael Eggleston is a poet incarcerated in South Carolina. He has completed his GED and holds an associate degree. He is also working on a second associate degree in business.