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The moment you told me that I was scheduled to
See you at 12:30 pm on April 3,2021,
I knew that I had to immediately take my vitamins if I
Wanted to fulfill the life of you while being

Before seeing how my thoughts are very fond of her,
Her as in you, just the beauty to your worth
Needs someone who can maintain their anxiety just
To smile with the varieties of an angel who
Welcomes someone different into her society while being

I enjoy how I’m developing with you on screen,
Naturalizing the images we share to be passionate.
Sheltering the beauty to our happiness, bringing to
Life how I see you in my dreams, this motion
Picture wants my COVID feelings to scream out loud
In my Zoom visit …

The moment your image appeared in front of me,
My eyes became familiar with your reality,
Old Navy swag, beautiful, twisted tight braids hanging down
With a new amazing smile.
I knew my prayers were answered before I
Spoke to you.

Baby, my love is what I boast to you.
History in the making,
4 years no debating.
Marrying you is what I hope to do, while being

My heart floats with you.
Into beautiful time allowing my 30 minutes
To smile with your smile
laugh when you laugh
And love you more, while you love me the most —
In my Zoom visit …

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Jamar Foster is a writer incarcerated in California.