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Photo by Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash

There’s a realm all around you
It’s not made of concrete and steel,
A realm of light and truth and hope
And all the beautiful things you can feel.

No bars or locks to bar your way
And nothing there to confine,
In fact, the only thing to restrict your soul
Are the limitations of your mind.

If you open the door to your heart and feel
In the quiet of meditation,
Its cleansing light wash over you
Of peace and sweet sensation.

This is the place where dreams are born
And the spirits there fly free,
Where the heart and soul can truly sense
All the good that can truly be.

So give yourself some time each day
From the chaos, and release
Yourself from the madness and find your way
To the realms of truth and peace…

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A.P. Thurston ia an African-Muslim American writer and poet from Vallejo, California. He has written eight books about prison life as well as about his spiritual life. He is incarcerated in California.