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Photo by Mehdi MeSSrro on Unsplash.

In case I die,

There’s something I want to say before it comes to take my life away.
I’m sorry this is the place I ended up in and now it looks like I’m going to
hurt you once again. You thought my time was almost through and,
that I’d get to come home to you. But COVID came to jail
and went cell to cell. The guards say they’ll protect me but I know its a lie, so
this is my last letter in case I die.

What else is there for me to say, my mistake threw my life away.
I never feared this place with its locks, chains and gates. Or society
that only looked upon me with hate. But a little virus shakes me
to the core and it's you that my heart fears for. If it gets me know
that I love you and please don’t cry. This is my last letter in case
I die.

It’s lights out and I have to go, whatever happens I want you to
know, you’re the greatest mom. Stay healthy, I promise I’ll try but
this is my last letter in case I die.

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Jesse Ward is a writer incarcerated in Louisiana. He uses his time to help everyone affected by the criminal justice system.