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Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

The spirit within shall rise above it all
To find its place among the stars big and small

The light within is ready to fly before it can crawl
The heart beats to be known and discovered
Beneath thick skin love can be uncovered
And unleashed to target the next heart

Consciously attacking the ego while tearing it apart
Exposing the true nature viewed as a work of art

To be appreciated means it will be elevated
To a higher state that truly matters

Destroying the system of darkness causing it to shatter
Empowering the inner strength ready to devour
All lost cold souls that are hungry for power

Without joy there can only be nothing but pain
Without sunshine there can only be nothing but rain

To cleanse the soul so that it can shine brightly
Manifesting itself into existence quicker than lightning
Affecting every section with infectious affection
Releasing the tension with righteous intentions

The heartless are now free from their prison sentence
Free from the cage that cultivated the rage
Subtracting all the love that was once contained

Over time slipped away down the drain
What was once lost will be made known
The wounds of the broken heart will be outgrown
As long as you continue to be enhancing soul

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Anthony Robert Ultreras has been composing poetry for over 26 years; he performs under the name Thoneyo. He is currently incarcerated in California.