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Dear My Younger Self:

This letter has been sent to you from you from the future.

I’m writing to help you understand a few concepts to guide you before you enter this modern day concrete slave ship that I’m in.

When you find yourself imprisoned, you must hold your body still. First, concentrate with your mind to connect with your soul until a way out presents itself to you.

Be on guard for frenemies, avoid them at all cost.

Always unite with your allies, although most of the time you will find yourself up against overwhelming odds with no one to trust.

Beware: Many will be jealous of you, for you are the heir of numerous natural talents. So trust no one. 

All the aid you need will be found in the most unlikely of places — yourself. There will be moments where you’ll find yourself in the face of death. Stay strong, you must fight until the end.

You must remember all roads are not to be traveled upon. You’re young and still learning. Some allies are not to be followed, for their very footsteps will lead to death.

I say this again: All roads are not to be traveled upon. All things are not to be challenged. 

Most of these concrete slave ships (institutions) should not be challenged. You’ll create too many enemies with the attempt to change what has already been established before your presence.

As a con man, never be too outspoken or function too aggressively. To survive you must learn to be a silent warrior. Use your intellect. Be aware that knowledge enters the brain through your five senses.

You never want to create enemies you’re unaware of having. Realistically, the enemies you see and know are far less dangerous than the enemy unknown.

Most importantly, remember that all options are to be analyzed. There is a time, place, season for everything.

Never wager on or make declarations you don’t intend to go to any length to win. Use your intellect and keep in mind that regaining your freedom is the objective.

In life you must learn to live with your victories and defeats. Always stand firm. Don’t boast or be too proud because after pride comes arrogance. Overconfidence can blind you.

In defeat, live for another victory. Always turn to the light of God as wisdom to guide you. Keep your head up. Love yourself always. Lean towards betterment.

Alpha X

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Global Forum Online has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Alpha X is a writer from Los Angeles who is incarcerated in California. Alpha X writes under a pen name.