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Lost in a cold world, no comfort to be found.
So I gave my all, to the demons I've been bound to.
with no one to tell me good from bad.
I focused on unleashing anger because I was mad.
And the truth of the matter is simply this…
My Entire Life has been one death wish
Then came three minds, one nine & multiple crimes.
Yet I'm the only one doing the time.
so-called friend had beef, called me cuz I'm her peeps.
Plus, I lived by the code of them dirty streets.
Raised off loving blindly, putting nothing above loyalty.
No question, when it came to putting in work, that's me!
she turned herself in, it was down to the grind
she informed them, it was my beef, my plan & my nine!
Now alone I sit in this concrete cell
living vicariously thru phone calls, photos & mail!
Where was that street code when my babies cried?
Why am I not there to dry their eyes?
Because of my loyalty, my children had to pay.
And I learned to love & teach them from far away
My life is set on being the best mother I can be
Mistakes have taught me…
Who really deserves my loyalty

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Mary Ann Webb is a writer and poet, who also enjoys painting and helping others find self love. She is incarcerated in North Carolina.