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Photo by Lachlan Donald on Unsplash

Born in a place called Manchester, New Hampshire
Momma was a cashier and my daddy was a painter
I lost daddy from a fire in Florida
These are the things I’d like to tell my daughter
Can I tell the truth?
And since I’m here and I’m being all honest
I’d like to tell you where I went wrong
Drinking and boozin’ puts the mind in the fog
It’s hard to see in front of you in the dark
In and out of jail, yeah for most of my life
Scars on my forehead for fighting for pride
I can say it’s been one hell of a time
But every Wiccan has a broom to ride
And what happens next, man I really don’t know
I don’t think I’ll ever find my home
I am Harold just trapped in a song
Just a Pagan from the womb to the tomb

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Harold Sanford Carter III is a musician and activist whose poetry has been published in the Journal of Progressive Health and Human Services as well as the American Prison Writing Archive. He was formerly incarcerated in Pennsylvania.