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Life requires that we spend parts of our time doing certain things.
We work sometimes, go to school at times;
We are children, or parents and friends at other times.
The only area of my life that cannot be underlined on a part-time basis is the love
for my mother.
To be a part-time son is like a house divided against itself, which will not stand.
The love for my mothers runs deep, and requires constant care.
A mother’s love is the manner in which a house is run
When you have a loving mother, iit will show in your daily situations.
All day, everyday, in every way,
that same love will guide your family into a
better life.
My mother always tried to pick my friends
as I got older (she also tried to pick which
girls I should date).
Everyday I look out my window and always think of you, Mom.
I see your face in the clouds with the baby blue background,
along with the rays of the sun, the brightness of the Heavens, stars, and the touch
of loving warmth.
There’s nothing that can compare to the early morning’s landscape and its smells
of freshness.
So to all the mothers out there…
There’s nothing in the world more important
to me than love for my mothers.

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Michael Mackey is a writer incarcerated in California.