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What is something desired that can get a lot of appreciation in this world?
A lesson only when learned that not everything that glitters is gold.
Many imposters in the midst that come in all sizes and shapes,
Even with the lens of experience it’s hard to tell the real from the fakes.
The value has always been there as long as we’ve been around;
Your life can be greatly enriched once you realize it’s something you found.
Some of us are more generous with it than others yet we all assume we’re owed it,
But any loss would bring pain and make us question if we ever even owned it.
It can be found virtually anywhere but still prove difficult to locate,
But when you find it you will surely know it was well worth the wait.
And here’s some free advice: it’s more a principle than a rule,
An exclusive investment in gold is a sure sign of a fool.

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Anthony Billings is a writer incarcerated in California.