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Photo by Prince David on Unsplash

Afraid from being in the dark so long,
confused at the daggers life keeps throwing at me.

Blindness to the reality of things
keeps me stumbling beyond return.

It’s slimy in the beast’s belly:
pain claws at my brain and insides;

it clouds my thoughts and emotions.
But I keep escaping life’s attempts to trap me.

I am like a lion with a grudge,
ready to strike its prey,
but somehow I regain direction.

Sometimes I feel hindered
and humiliated by the pain that I’ve allowed

to be inflicted on me. I’ve been
indecisive about the thoughts jumbled in my brain —

sometimes, I just want a new one.
I feel like there is a knife caught in my chest

and some days it goes deeper into my flesh.
Love has yet again let me down.

I can’t seem to shake the lingering thoughts.
I just want to be free,

but I’m still trapped, lost,
trying to keep climbing the mountain.

The road is narrow, but I’m optimistic;
I’m still patient and persistent.

It seems there’s a torrent on the inside
that keeps quaking my soul.

I’m in quarantine and I’m restless:
must be the world weakened by the venom of the virus.

I’m relentless and resilient, willing to come back
to the bright side and walk on the water.

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Celia Puente is a writer incarcerated in Wisconsin.