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Exactly what type of attitude should I express after experiencing intense trials of mental
stress, then being taken on a ride in a “kangaroo court?”
Excuse me while I clear the air.
Sentenced to do time in prison by one who’s never been,
By a law he didn’t write nor did he even know the man who did,
Found guilty by a jury of so-called peers, yet not one was my friend.
Excuse me while I clear the air.
Years roll on by, all innocence fades, no such thing as rehabilitation, only the debt is paid, then turned loose on innocent society, someone the system has made.
Excuse me while I clear the air.

Back on the street struggling, trying hard to forget the life of controlled, atmospheric violence, all that prison shit, but can’t find a decent job to survive, not even to spit. 
Excuse me while I clear the air.

Parole officer talks real good but he’s a fake,
Says he just wanna be a friend, man, give me a break,
Friendship has nothing to do with it when your freedom’s at stake.
Excuse me while I clear the air.

Money has simply disappeared, as the fate hands turn,
Suddenly there’s remembrance of how a life was burned,
Now to fight fire with inner fire, something I learned in prison.
Excuse me while I clear the air.

Making a living of much splendor from robbers’ expertise,
Got money, food, and a home, now wanting nothing in the least. Except for a way back to life, It is peace!
Excuse me while I clear the air.

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A.L. Blake is a writer incarcerated in California.