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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Who here has never thought of suicide?
Figuratively — not in literal terms of society’s cries.
The Dr. Jekylls hyde their tears because they are happy ones,
The hypocrites who took Hippocratic Oaths as they mislead the nation’s kids
While the currently existing suicide prevention campaign contributes to the very cause it aims to resolve.
V-I-C-tims after V-I-C-tims,
C-A-S-ualties—after C-A-S-ualties
In an ever-evolving perpetuating cycle
Similar to the Niagara Falls,
Suicide prevention does not start at the root of suicide prevention.
Again, I will say: suicide prevention does not start at the root of suicide prevention,
But at the soiled soil, with the soiled souls,
Whose legacy is honored regardless of the toxic mold.
So nevermind the root of suicide prevention.
And please focus on recultivating the fertile soil of Suicide Extinction,
And then sow Pro-Life seeds to grow Pro-Life deeds.

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Cephus Earl Sudduth the 2nd is a writer from South Central Los Angeles, incarcerated in California.