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Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

When I was skinny, I had so many women
that I could not tell whose love was true.
The women that chose me did not really choose me,
They just wanted to be the one that I chose.
I broke some hearts and hurt some feelings
because I did not feel that their love was true.
When I was skinny I had choices aplenty
but still, I was confused.
Now that I am fat and my game is so whack,
my choices are very few.
The women that once chased me, no longer see me,
More proof that their love was not true.
Now that I am fat, one thing is a fact:
the woman who chooses me will choose me for me,
and not just to be the winner of ‘who I choose.’
Now that I am fat and I’m no longer all that,
The woman that chooses me would actually be right for me.
It is then that I will know her love is indeed true.
And for that reason I am proud to say being fat turned out to be cool.

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Alex Ross is a writer and a Patton College student incarcerated in California.