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Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

The global spread of COVID
fatal as a horseshoe bat’s
so sick as a dirty rat.

The world’s health organizations
Fighting it out with COVID
Like Trump in isolation
Screaming he was railroaded.
There’s a corruption virus
From baboons to people
Packing a Jesus crisis
Just in case it gets lethal.

We can’t breathe a chokehold,
We sick of COVID and lockdowns
Killing thousands of people
From out of Watts to Motown.
The lessons of the graveyard
Six feet away or under
The jail’s lockdown at Harvard
Where lab rats sip corona

Immunity by nature,
The people who fought it off
Count as an inch in an acre
Of wildlife sicker than SARS.

The ten commandments of vaccines
Wash your hands of the devil
With T-cells, antibodies
And bleach, minus placebos.

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Charles Moore is a writer incarcerated in California.