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Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

Don’t be prisoners of the past.
Time never stops, it is the ace; it will always run fast.
At least try to attain its pace, this life is a gift to you.
Chance, it is not the first, Dear, it is the last.
So, live your present, and don’t be prisoners of the past.
Present is now and short memories are limitless and vast.
As you enter your thought here, your present will pass.
I am not telling you to forget what happened.
I am not telling you to leave the memories, but neither regret nor try to recast.
Don’t be the prisoners of the past.
Every day incidents end and new ones start.
Some in some moments are too close, and in the next they depart.
Accept it, it’s nature. Forget the pain.
Neither surrender nor stop the life’s cart
No matter how you move it, slow or fast
But don’t be the prisoners of the past.

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Global Forum Online has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Taurus is a writer incarcerated at a federal prison in Florida. He has requested that his last name be withheld.