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Photo by  J. Meier  on  Unsplash
Photo by J. Meier on Unsplash

Excuse me, Mother Eve, I believe you were supposed to be deceived.

Is it fair to believe your father didn’t know what was going to happen
when he planted those trees?

Mama, I’ll defend your honor.
Dad knew what he was told not to do.

He was the one who disobeyed your father’s direct orders,
but all of the blame is directed towards you.

You don’t deserve that.

It’s a trip, how quickly Dad became the first rat.

The defender of your honor? I’ll defend you, Mama.
Think about it, wrong’s not wrong until someone says it is.
After the death of your first kid, there were no rules against it,
but I am absolutely certain the pain in you existed.

I can imagine your emotions, persecuted for an unintended infraction,
The most beautifully made temptation known to man, of course, there was attraction.
The word serpent gives people a misconceived perception of beauty.
We call deceiving people snakes all of the time, but does that mean they’re undesirable?

Mama, I am proud of you, you were the first of your kind,
any mistakes that you’ve made were expected, there were no guidelines.
You are the example of a woman. You are the example of a mother.

I thank you, Mother Eve, for being the example to my mother.

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Darrell Wright is a writer incarcerated in California.