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Photo by Mila Young on Unsplash

It was unprecedented!
It was unexpected!
Like a simultaneous
Portent hurricane and earthquake,
A silent wind of change
Enveloped the entire globe.
The COVID-19 wind of change
Spread its tentacles everywhere,
And virtually “shut down” the world,
And changed the entire
Fabric and tapestry
Of our modern society.

Bacterias and viruses
They are pathological
And sometimes can be deadly.
Our generation has been
Buffeted by some of them:
Poliomyelitis, leprosy, measles,
Tuberculosis, cancer, STDs, HIV,
Visceral diseases —
To name just a few.
But COVID-19 surpasses them all
It is elusively destructive.

COVID-19 is a “silencer” —
The pandemic pandemonium
Bringing down world economies
Shutting down schools,
Governments, commerce,
Travel, and instilling
Fear, panic, hysteria,
Confusion and distress to all.
And we hear that
This may linger on
For maybe two more years!

Almost every thing today
Is done virtually by TV. Thanks to COVID-19
Education has collapsed,
The death toll continues to rise,
Positive cases also continue to rise,
There seems no end in sight.
The worse-case scenario
Is the prison system, where
6-feet is only a pipe dream.
And red tape bureaucracy
Makes matters even worse.
Our prisons: COVID-19 strongholds!

Biotech is racing mad,
Raving mad for a cure,
Raving mad for vaccination.
But COVID-19 cannot be raced.
It is elusive and cunning.
It is a “silencer” that
Injects all in its path
With the nuance of confusion,
Fear, and uncertainty.

The unknown is the problem.
The fear of the unknown,
That’s what drives us crazy.
It is mankind’s worst enemy.
Someone has said that:
“Not knowing is knowing
Where to find out.”
So where do we go to
find out about COVID-19?
Because until we do,
We cannot find a cure,
We cannot engineer vaccinations.
And until we do — until then,
COVID-19 still remains —
An enigma wrapped
Up in mystery!

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Global Forum Online has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Ewallor Ngaaje is a writer incarcerated in California.