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(From a July 24 @VoicesofSanQuentin Instagram post)

Jonathan Chiu who was released in May says, “I understand that the thought of releasing criminals back out to the streets is scary, but there are nonviolent people in there. Even in this situation of the pandemic, throughout all the lockdowns, I want to remind everyone, there has not been one act of violence that has broken out. None. There are people in there that have been over sentenced, elderly or mentally disabled because they could not get treatment. I understand that being a governor of the state of California is a hard job and he’s making life or death decisions every single day. But by not acting that’s also making a life and death decision for people inside. And I just want to ask him, are we treating criminals inside as humans or are we treating them as a number? 

“I’ve been lucky enough that Governor Newsom let me go at the beginning of this year. He granted me parole and let me come home while others did not. And I feel happy and I feel sad and I feel angry at the same time because there are many people inside like me, people who I call my own loved ones, my family. I want to say that people inside prisons are not what everybody that their own public thinks they are. We are asking for mercy.” #JustMercy

Call 916-445-2841 and tell Gov Newsom you support #second chances #stopsanquentinoutbreak #endmassincarceration #ittakesavillage

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