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Photo by Katherine Gu on Unsplash

It’s no gimmick that my mental phenomenon can’t mimic
This coronavirus pandemic
It’s not that nothing can compare
I just wasn’t aware.
Some have the nerve to fight for what’s fair
But how can you when faced with which is rare
That’s why certain regulations was declared
How about this never ending nightmare
Everyone was hit very hard, all was caught off guard
With most calling on the name of the Lord
With numerous losses, in the end is going to cost us
Mighteous while not fuss, just direct your trust
Don’t understand why they depend on others
Then situations reveal who really govern
Nothing is a guarantee except death
When this time comes there will be nothing left.
Some act like they don’t even care
Especially if the painful experience is not shared
Self preservation must be everyone’s primary occupation
This is the only way we can reach out destination
So if you wasn’t infected show some appreciation.

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Kenneth Moore is an African-American writer and poet. He is the author of the book “Subconscious Poetry” (available at and has had one of his poems published in the book “Silent Screams: Poems from Uncharted Territory” by Dr. Unique Shaw-Smith. He is incarcerated in California.