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Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

Everyone take a knee
The black national anthem plays in the background
Lift Every voice…
They did it again…
Knee in his neck, This a modern day lynching!
We can’t win,
We suffocating in discrimination,
Protesting, and demonstrating.
Black skin, approached by the police leads to death, or prison…
It seems like we ain’t gaining nothing,
They did it again!!!
A nigga can’t breathe in this racist ass system.
Cops killed a nigga after they cuffed him!
He white he go to trial and win, I’m black I lose?..
The Black National Anthem Plays…
Lift every voice…
I Can’t Breathe!!!
We’re being policed by fools, with hatred in their hearts’.
I can’t Breathe!
Because he wrapped his arms’ around my neck
They’re choking niggas to death…
Eric Gardner…
If I object, I’m killed…
My people protest…
and still, another nigga killed,
the same way
George Floyd!!!
Take a knee, for the Black National Anthem…
We can’t breathe!
Every time I leave the crib my mom paranoid for (her baby boy)
“Watch out for those KKK boys…in blue.”
They Extreme???
They stifling our dreams…
I can’t Breathe!
Societal discord when we take a knee…
If we protest, they say we lootin’
A social unrest they start shootin’
A peaceful demonstration
“Sit-in” the police station,
with our guns out, screaming our lungs out:
“I can’t Breathe!!!”
The Black National Anthem!
This cell so small, its strangling a nigga…
Prosecutor married to the stenographer…
They worked it on a nigga…
Racist system, put him in prison.
He black…
He ain’t smart enough to notice what’s missin’
But, I peeped it.
Since I am short of breath
My words’ have no spark…
without video footage
everything is kept it in the dark.
So, I can’t win…
no protest
no demonstrating,
because I’m in prison
Without the video the world would never be able to see that:

This piece was originally published on Kory’s personal blog

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Global Forum Online has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Kory McClary is a writer incarcerated in New Jersey who enjoys writing short story fiction. His writings can also be found at his personal blog